De flesta som anlitar en jurist gör det för första gången och har ingen aning om vad det kostar. Läs om vad det kostar och vilka sätt det finns att få hjälp med kostnaden.

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It can be expensive

The first and most important thing that anyone who hires a lawyer must understand is that it can be expensive. Lawyers are well-educated people with a qualified job. They charge for their services. Hiring a lawyer to sue in a district court case is comparable to some of the most expensive costs in life, such as renovating a bathroom or buying a car.

Smaller cases and larger cases

Small matters, such as writing a contract or evaluating a dispute, a lawyer can often perform at a fixed cost. It is easier for the lawyer to get an overview and this provides extra security for the client.

Major cases, such as bringing an action in a civil case, are almost always carried out at an hourly rate. It is free pricing and the lawyer chooses which hourly rate he or she should use. The court emergency has an hourly rate of SEK 2,500 including VAT for private individuals and SEK 3,000 excluding VAT for companies.

The counterparty pays

If your case is a dispute and if you eventually win the dispute in court, the other party will in some cases have to pay for your legal fees. But this does not apply to all disputes and sometimes you do not get paid for the full cost. Most disputes also end in a settlement and then each party normally has to pay its own representation costs.

Legal aid and legal protection

In many cases, those who hire a lawyer can get legal aid or legal protection.

Legal aid is a state aid whose size depends on what income and what wealth you as a customer have. Simply put, the basic requirement is that you earn less than SEK 260,000 per year.

Legal protection is a protection via your company or home insurance. What the protection looks like depends on the terms your insurance company applies, but there is usually a deductible, for example SEK 9,000 plus 20 percent of the total cost.

Neither legal aid nor legal protection covers all kinds of assignments. First, disputes are covered, but not all disputes are covered. It is above all civil litigation before courts that is covered. Check with the Legal Aid Authority or your insurance company if you are unsure what applies.

Ask the lawyer!

The information here is general and there are often special rules for different disputes. It is also different how much different disputes cost, not to mention minor matters, such as writing agreements.

The court’s lawyers can help you estimate the cost of your case! Fill in one of our forms with your questions and we will contact you!

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