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Rättsakuten assists businesses and individuals.


Our corporate services take on projects in the business law jurisdiction. Some of our numerous corporate services are explained below. The services we offer in our law firm include teaching business owners, employers, managers law and economy and the relationship that exists between both subjects. We take time to explain the correlation between both and how business owners and employees can use them to their advantage.
Our services are covers contracts, IP, the EU justice system and a lot of other related business law services. Reach out to us today, we can create a course tailored to suit your specific needs.
Our wide range of services are not limited to the following



Dispute is solely an official disagreement between businesses, employees, and employers in a corporate firm. Do you need to press charges against a business contract that didn’t go in your favor? We will compile an engaging lawsuit that will have you winning and all your demands met. Have you been sued by your employer or employee or business associate illegally? We will assist you with a well-developed defense that will have you winning irrespective of the court.


We are good at providing Swedish and international clients with an easy way of solving problems and argument that occur as a result of a dispute between business partners, employees, and employers. We represent you brilliantly in the arbitration court of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

Contractual Law

Businesses are faced with disputes cases like the interpretation of contracts or reaching a good agreement in the creation of contracts. We help clients negotiate contracts, create contracts that will go your favor and close sales on your potential clients and customers. We also help clients with court procedures on the right way to create contracts.

Company Law and Business Evaluation

Business evaluation is one way to make business scale and grow. It is important to evaluate businesses and you need a reputable firm to do so. We evaluate companies during mergers, sale and decision making. We provide the necessary assistance during Annual General Meetings and board meetings to our client’s companies. We take up roles of board members, presidents, and substitutes of limited organizations. An example of our business evaluation service is the creation of business for clients in Scotland, Delaware with additional service to allow companies perform effectively. We also provide intermediation for stock companies


How strong is your business with the Swedish, EU, and International community? We help you harmonize the relationship between your companies and this category of establishments. Our service extends to government agencies, financial institutions, banks, and private business owners.

Real Estate Law

Businesses are faced with cases revolving around space disputes, rental agreements, and construction permits. We help real estate business owners evaluate the right way to invest by coming up with a good development plan to strategize and project rick that might occur during investment. We provide a well-laid plan of how to prevent possible future risks.


Construction companies are faced with issues on a daily basis. We help organizations reach the right agreement when dealing with clients and investors. We also provide consumer construction agreements between clients and entrepreneurs as well as changing contracts and providing lasting solutions to disputes.

Dispute with Hired help

We represent your organization as a hired help when clients refuse to pay. We have staffs with experience and knowledge on how to represent you when your clients breach contract agreement.

Labor Law

We mediate the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and the government. We represent you and demand all your interest from the government using a convincing approach. We provide employers with better ways to solve disputes in a cost-effective way.

A Law-based Health Check for Businesses

We provide organizations with detailed health-check by going through all their contract agreements like employment contracts, supplier contracts, investors contracts, and insurances they qualify for. We help identify weaknesses, shortcomings, and backdrops that might infringe contract agreement. We write soft Law agreements between affiliated companies or constellations of organizations.

Risk Assessment for Businesses

We offer your business an extensive risk management and assessment. Our risk assessment services include a detailed legal health-check as well as a thorough financial analysis and review of your business safety, IT safety, and many more. We ensure a detailed safety analysis of your companies needs and budget to ensure the effective growth and expansion of your business.

Report writing for your Organization

Rättsakuten uses experts who have a detailed understanding of the analysis of Swedish and international projects for FOA (now FOI) and SKI (now SSM). Our competence and expertise revolve around security politics, nuclear safety, IT safety, and the general security of your organization.

Business Consultant: Process Analysis and Optimizing for Businesses

We understand how important it is to analyze and optimize the procedures and operations of your company. We help organizations analyze their business dealings by providing a model to benchmark similar organizations in the same industry in order to remove obstructions that might push away clients and potential investors.


Our law firm services also extend to individuals. We offer individuals a complete and holistic assortment of service revolving around law and economy in all stages of life. We provide a detailed review of your personal life by offering a complete legal health-check for individuals which help them identify needs and provide a lasting solution to what is missing.


Family Law

We provide consultation to individuals on issues involving inheritance disputes, the divorce between partners, and testament or proof in the court of law.

Disputes with Employees

We represent your interest in disputes with your employees. We provide an approach to help you settle issues amicably before they get to court. Such issues might be issues with domestic carpenters repairing your roof, plumber repairing your sewage chamber, or other types of paid domestic help. /p>

Labor Law

We represent clients on issues relating to labor law. Do you have issues with your present employer? We represent and help our clients negotiate with their employees with a view to restoring harmony and good working relationship. We provide a way to ensure you get all your entitlements in case your employee decides to lay you off during disputes.

Legal Health Check for Individuals

We ensure a detailed record of all the important legal aspect of your life by taking into cognizance every detail that matters. Such records include prenuptial, testaments, partnership agreements and other important documents. We help you formulate the right legal agreement to use when faced with disputes concerning properties and other types of disputes.

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