We specialize in companies’ every need to reduce risks and increase revenue.

We like to prevent problems

We work both proactively, with risk minimization and planning to maximize revenue, both with legal and finance. The legal case also works responsively – after a crisis has occurred – we process in court, we solve problems with customers, suppliers and authorities. We are used to solving legal, economic and security crises. It far better to prevent problems than to experience them. That’s our strategy.

We will solve your situation from the prevailing conditions. No problem exists without context consisting of people, economics, legal systems, physical environment, threats and opportunities. The company not only has to take into account the legal system, but also finances, which are often limited, competition from other companies. The company’s employees are an important factor. I have in depth analyzed the company’s prerequisites in several different countries and am familiar with what is required to achieve success with business.

A factor that distinguishes the legal case from other law firms is extensive experience in doing business in Sweden as well as abroad. We are likely to have participated in what you are talking about.

Another factor that differentiates us from other law firms is that we have a research background in business administration. We have studied the company from a research perspective. We have published articles on legal economics, legal sociology and entrepreneurs’ legal awareness in a published dissertation. We have taught in college-level accounting, we understand how entrepreneurs think because we are self-employed and have driven companies.

Starting distance to understand your company’s problems and you are therefore very short and our readiness to get out and help is very high. You will notice that when you contact us. We are not afraid to take conflicts and help you and your business out of real-time short notice. We do not have the acute in the name for nothing.

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